About Us

Consulting Services

We specialize in the following critical areas:

Organizational Development

• Company audit of operations, processes and employees
• Increasing sales and profits
• Strategic planning
• Growing and expanding your business
• Market and competitor analysis
• Re-engineering processes

Communications and Management

• Crisis management
• Situational leadership
• Conflict resolution
• Effective communication among all levels of the organization
• Team building
• Embracing change
• Coaching and problem solving
• Customer service
• Leadership, management and supervisory skills
• Self directed work teams

Sales and Management

• Basic sales training levels I, II, III
• Advanced sales techniques
• Prospecting and account penetration
• Farming and account development
• Cross selling techniques
• Closing and negotiating
• Motivation and team building
• Selling during a tough economy
• Designing compensation plans and job descriptions
• Marketing and business development strategies
• Goal setting, time management and accountability
• Training the trainer and sales management 101
• Creation of training and operations manuals

Staffing and Human Resources

• Recruiting and headhunting techniques
• Improving employee morale
• Retention
• Compensation and benefit analysis
• Effective interviewing techniques
• Selection process evaluations
• General hiring and terminating procedures
• Outplacement and downsizing
• Safety programs, legal publications and regulations
• Organization and development